Hang On Ministry, Inc


Hang On Ministry, Inc

Role: Branding, Visual Design, Web Design. Responsible for conceptualizing, logo design, mock-ups, marketing materials, including a responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly interactive site and social media integration.

Client: Hang On Ministry, Inc

Brief: Hang On Ministry, Inc. is an overseeing organization of Christian Pastors, Ministry Heads, and Churches that recognize the need for spiritual fathering and leadership. When Hang On came to me they did not have much visual presence in all their 11 years of existence. I went forward and re-developed their logo, business cards, and inward and outward marketing materials. After spending time with Hang On at their Charlotte headquarters we did not realize how big of an organization they actually were and we were astonished at how much they have accomplished without every really establishing their brand. Their website is where we had the most fun, providing them with so many “nick-hacks” to really bring out the quality of work HOM provides to their communities nationwide.

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